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The number one factor with search engine optimisation and getting your websites to the top of Google is BACKLINKS. Period! Without backlinks your sites and web pages are destined to FAIL and life as a successful internet marketer will forever be a dream.

Ok, now let us look at this from another angle. What if you do have backlinks pointing to your websites BUT Google doesn't know about them? I can tell you now that if Google doesn't know about the web pages that contain your backlinks then those backlinks will offer ZERO benefits and will not help to increase your search engine rankings.

So, What Can Be Done About It?

Well, rather than wasting time and money building more backlinks only for them to disappear into the wilderness, you NEED to find out which of your existing backlinks Google does NOT know about and THEN get them indexed so that they start to effect your search engine rankings meaning you are no longer wasting your time and money when creating more backlinks.

How Can I tell If Google Knows About My Backlinks Or Not?

Simple, you can type a simple search query into Google such as or and if it shows your URL listed... or shows a cache of your URL web page then Google KNOWS about it, and ANY of your backlinks on that page will help to nudge up your ranking.

But Hundreds Or Thousands Of URLs Would Take Forever, Right?

Yes... if you were to do that manually! BUT with Index Checker v2.0 you can do ALL of this with just a FEW clicks of your mouse.. and MUCH MORE!

You see, Index Checker v2.0 is a small but powerful application that can do all of this tedious work for you on AUTO PILOT! This cool software first allows you to verify that your backlinks are STILL present and that they are DOFOLLOW. For those of you that do not know, dofollow links are the type that pass link juice to your site that can help to increase your rankings. A dofollow link is like a 'vote' from one site to another. Google takes notice of these votes!

Once you have WEEDED out all the BAD URLs that offer no value to you, you can process ALL the GOOD URLs through the software with a single click. The software will then check the indexing status for EACH or those good URLs and will output live data as the software works through each one. When the software has finished processing your list it will segregate the results in seperate result boxes. If you subscribe to the backlink indexing service that is linked to from within the software you will then be able to enter your API key and click a button to instantly send ALL your non-indexed URLs to your indexing account for quick indexing. This indexing service is done for you on 100% auto pilot and boasts an extremely high indexing rate.

"From Start To Finish In 4 EASY Clicks!"

A simple 4 click process!

How Accurate Is Index Checker?

Extremely accurate! The software uses a two tier check to identify whether a URL is indexed or not. First it will check using a site: query. If it cannot extract solid data from that check it will follow up with a cache: query. The software has been tested thoroughly and we have yet to see any false results with v2.0. Unlike some other tools out there, Index Checker v2.0 is a dedicated backlink verification and Google index checking application so it is a specialist piece of software within this field... and of course the LOW price makes this a no brainer!

How Many URLs Can I Process?

Ok, without using proxies or a VPN (Virtual Private Network), it is recommended that you process no more than 50 URLs per hour. After a number of site: or cache: queries from one IP address in fast succession, Google can temporarily block your IP.

To get around this you can use proxies. A proxy is a 'proxy server' that you can send your request through so that it looks like the query came from that server (IP) instead of your own local IP.

There is a choice when it comes to proxies. You can either buy / rent private proxies for a relatively low monthly fee, or you can use public proxies that are readily available to everyone.

Ok, So What Is The Difference Between Private And Public Proxies?

Private proxies are just that! They are set up for your use only. They will be locked to a specific local IP or you can use the username and password that is provided to you. Private proxies are usually much more reliable and are the better option when deciding between the two.

Public proxies are usually only valid for a short period of time and often fail. As a number of users 'scrape' these proxies from the internet to use in third party software many are often temporarily blocked by Google. When using public proxies to carry out a task it is a number game. The more verified (anonymous) proxies you have at your disposal, the more processing you can do using your software.

FREE Proxy Scraper Software When You Purchase Index Checker v2.0

Proxy Scraper software!

All users of Index Checker v2.0 also receive a brand new piece of software called Proxy Scraper. This allows you to scrape recent public proxies from various resources and then TEST those proxies out in order to remove failed ones and those that are NOT anonymous!

The Proxy Software offers three different ways in which to scrape proxies for testing. You can scrape the built-in resources, search for proxy sources or even paste in your own URLs to scrape. Once the software has scraped your proxies, you can then verify them with a single click!

Using Index Checker v2.0 With A VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is the perfect service to work along side Index Checker v2.0. When you join a VPN service you can download their software and switch your local IP address with the click of a button. This means you can process an endless number of URLs with our software and then change your IP address as and when you need to. You can join a reputable VPN service from within our application and it only costs a few dollars per month making it an extremely valuable service and excellent value for money.

What Are You Waiting For?

Ok, so you've read about the benefits of using Index Checker v2.0. You've learned that you can use it to identify ALL your valid backlinks. (Vital if you outsource your link building!). You've learned that you can then use it to check which of your VALID backlinks are indexed in Google and which ones aren't. And finally you have learnt that you can use the software along side a powerful indexing service which will FORCE feed your URLs to Google. All that is left to do now is to purchase the software for the ridiculously LOW fee shown below and put the software to GOOD use. You'll thank me for it later!

If you are an active link builder... then Index Checker v2.0 will fit into your SEO strategy perfectly, and with a FULL 14 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

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